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Dispatch of geophysical exploration equipment engineer

Our engineers with abundant experience in geophysical exploration equipment operation on research vessels and observation vessels will support the adjustment, operation, and maintenance of geophysical exploration equipment in Japan and overseas.

Compressor maintenance / repair

A dedicated high-pressure compressor is used for the air gun for geophysical exploration equipment. We support maintenance and repair of many geophysical compressors regardless of the manufacturer.

Please contact us for details.

Geophysical exploration equipment rental

We will quickly prepare the equipment necessary for exploration mainly through a network with major overseas geophysical exploration equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

We have many achievements not only in marine exploration equipment but also in land-based exploration equipment, so please feel free to contact us for the necessary equipment.

Marine equipment related

Consulting business

Geophysical exploration equipment is mainly for oil resource development, but in recent years it has also been applied to CCS and offshore wind power, and marine technologies and services associated with geophysical exploration are being newly developed in each country. We are constantly working on new services and solutions with domestic and overseas partner companies.

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