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our achievement projects

The following are the major projects completed. Please feel free to contact us about our products, services, and other related equipment and technologies.



Seismic Survey for Offshore Wind Power

We conducted UHR2D (Ultra-High Resolution Seismic Survey) surveys in two offshore areas that were considered as candidate sites for construction of offshore wind power generation facilities in Japan. The sonic survey data acquired in this survey was highly consistent with the results of the subsequent coring survey, and was highly evaluated by the client.

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Ocean Bottom Seismometer
Deployment & Recovery Trial
(Foreign sea area)

In cooperation with our client engaged in seabed resource exploration services, we conducted trials of OBS2Gs, which are the first step on a commercial scale, including their deployment, data recording, and recovery. The survey was conducted in The North Sea, and data was recorded for about 30 days. The data was analyzed by the client, and it was verified that visualization of the undersea stratum structure, which could not be obtained with streamer cables alone, was realized.

Our field service engineers completed the parameter setting of the OBS2G, mobilization of the seismic support vessel, deployment and recovery of OBS2G, and delivery of the recorded data, during the specified trial period. This trial demonstrated that OBS2G has significant technical, operational and cost benefits.

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Ocean Bottom Seismometer
Deployment & Recovery Trial
(Sea area of Japan)

In order to demonstrate the operability of OBS2G and the superiority of acquired data, our partner conducted a joint deployment and recovery trial of OBS2G in Japan sea area with us and the equipment manufacturers.

We chartered a survey vessel, mobilized with seismic survey and OBS2G operation.

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Nalia charter


Charter of 3D Survey vessel 
(Sea area of Japan)

We chartered a 3D Seismic vessel to conduct 3D geophysical survey in Japan sea area.

We provided various services associated with the exploration vessel charter so that the survey can be conducted successfully. 

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HR3D Survey Support

In order to carry out High-Resolution 3D geophysical exploration at our client, we rented a complete system from our partners. Our field service engineers along with the technical staffs from our partner mobilized client's vessel and supported the operation throughout the survey.



Maintenance of compressors for Seismic Survey

We provide maintenance for compressors operated on geophysical survey and research vessels in Japan.

We carry out disassembly and cleaning of components, periodic replacement, inspection of control panel, and operation adjustment after completion of maintenance. We also provide consultation for maintenance depending on usage conditions and provide spare parts purchase plans.


We also perform diagnostics and provide necessary actions in the event of problems with compressors.



Comprehensive services for Geophysical Exploration System

Since the start of our company, we consistently provided wide range of services for marine geophysical exploration systems from delivery, commissioning, maintenance, to operational support. Through various projects, we built trust with our clients and partners.

We respond to clients' requests at our best either for new or existing systems, and make sure that systems are always operated in the best possible condition.

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