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* We will be recruiting to strengthen our services. Details to be updated in the near future. 

- Connecting state-of-the-art marine research technologies across borders -

In Japan as well, offshore wind power generation has become a pillar of renewable energy in the future, and many unprecedented ocean-related technologies and services are attracting attention.

In addition, both domestically and internationally, high-level marine research is required both in terms of quality and quantity, and technological innovation continues to advance in the field of marine resource development.

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In addition to our main business of sonic survey (geographic survey), we have partnered with companies that possess innovative technologies and services for domestic offshore wind power generation and for marine surveys that are required both in Japan and overseas. and build a service offering. With the philosophy of always taking on new challenges, we aim to grow as a company with unique solutions in this industry.

Job Description

Products handled


High-pressure air compressors, hydraulics, electric winches, marine research equipment, etc.

Mainly office work, coordination with customers, procurement, and sales operations such as maintenance/maintenance planning for equipment related to marine research. We are also responsible for selecting, designing, manufacturing, and installing equipment that meets customer needs.
You may be asked to go on a business trip for maintenance and operation work at an external affiliated warehouse or delivery destination.
The fixed overtime hours are stipulated as 30 hours, but there is almost no overtime work in normal times due to the work style and culture of regular work.

mechanical engineer

As a rotating machinery engineer, you will be responsible for maintenance management, maintenance, design, and related work for marine survey equipment used for resource development.

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