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​Connecting the Innovation in Marine Survey

- Connecting state-of-the-art marine survey technologies across borders -

Services for Marine Geophysical Survey and Marine Robotics

In marine renewable energy and marine resource development industry, the requirement for more efficient and high resolution survey for large area is increasing more. Not only to precisely analyze, but to minimize any potential geohazard below seabed.


In order to meet these demands, we are providing everything from equipment sales to technical support services regarding marine geophysical survey systems, as well as robotics, which will be indispensable in the marine industry.

Marine robotics realizes efficent and unmanned work above and under water, enables surveys that previously were not possible, improves the predictability of business. We consider as the key to innovation in marine related surveys.

We, Seisgadget, are a team of engineers with many years of experience and achievements in marine industry. We also have key partner companies in each specialized area to establish and provide the necessary technology and services.


​ Company Profile

Seisgadget Ltd.

Location: 〒143-0016

3-31-11 Omorikita, Ota-ku, Tokyo

Managing Director:   Yoshitaka Ueda

Established:   February 18, 2013

Business Description:

             Geophysical survey

             Oceanographic survey

​     Equipment sales and solutions provider


Location: 3-31-11, Omorikita, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0016, Japan

TEL: +81 3-5763-5610

FAX: +81 3-5763-5810



We provide various services to our clients need based on our network and experience of geophysical exploration industry. We successfully completed number of projects providing technical support for systems, maintenance, repair, and survey operations. We always take innovative approach, introduces state of the art services, and will provide solutions ranging from individual device to Data As a Service.

Valor Hydro300.png

Geophysical Survey System

By building partnership with manufacturers and service providers of geophysical survey equipment, we provide the required solutions to our clients.

Our services range from sales of equipment from components to entire system, such as, sound source, air compressor, streamer cable, depth controller, data recording system, navigation system, towing-related equipment, etc., and associated technical services, maintenance, and repair.

We always have solutions that suit clients' requirement, so please feel free to contact us.

Technical Services

Our engineers, who have a wealth of experience operating exploration equipment on survey vessels, will support the operation of geophysical survey system.


In accordance with the survey specifications requested, we provide comprehensive services, including equipment configuration, equipment layout on the back deck of the survey vessel, and technical support for operation procedures. We also provide complete survey services by chartering survey vessel

Please feel free to contact us so that we can make the best proposal for your needs.

Marine Robotics

Robotics has become essential for safe and efficient work above and under water in the marine industry,


In the offshore wind industry, where surveys from pre-construction to operation, or critical O&M inspection is required, it is very important to choose the solutions with proven track record to operate reliably. We are establishing solutions such as unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) with our key partners who have established solutions and experience.

We also provide solutions with these robotics that can perform innovative inspections and surveys in quality, resolution, and efficiency.

Innovative Marine Survey

To realize decarbonization and “Net Zero”, CCS/CCUS (carbon capture storage and utilization) and offshore wind power generation are expected to grow and expand over the long future to come.

We believe that geophysical survey and robotics are technologies that are expected to undergo continuous innovation for these industries, and thus we are focusing on development of new services and solutions.

Marine robotics will not only bring innovation to offshore related surveys but also to industries in inspections of any underwater infrastructure facilities.


Overview of Products

Marine Geophysical Survey System

Seismic Survey Image updated.png

We configure system for marine geophysical survey according to clients' request. We will also design and manufacture components and systems as necessary. Our services also include technical support such as commissioning at installation, generating operation procedures, maintenance, and test survey operations.

In marine geophysical surveys, there is an increasing demand for accurately visualizing the geological structure under seafloor by utilizing ocean bottom seismometers. We are continuing to develop various solutions of OBS2G series and it is expected to be used in a wide range of conventional oil and gas exploration, as well as for CCS/CCUS. 


OBS2G What's New

Robotics and Autonomous Solutions (RAS)

At Seisgadget's RAS group, solutions utilizing unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and sensors capable of providing state of the art quality, are being developed and evaluated to meet future demands in marine survey industry.

While focusing on establishing Offshore Wind Farms applications in the future, we also focus on various underwater inspection services that will be critical for our infrastructure (harbors, rivers, dam related, etc), marine environmental surveys, and other academic research and surveys.

North Sea offshore wind farm substation
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